Understanding Data Types and Variables in Java

In every programming language, you will learn about data types like Integer, Float etc. Data types are necessary for variable declaration. Data Types in Java are primitive types i.e.; they are built into the Java language itself. Data types in Java can be classified as Byte, Short, Long, Integer, Float, Double, Character, Boolean. Let us […]

Introduction to Java

Java is a programming language for the internet and was developed by Sun Microsystems. It’s completely object-oriented and more flexible than C/C++. You can perform two type of Programming work with java. First is general applications and the second applets. However, applications are not as much developed by using java. Programmers use java to design […]

Learn how to work with SQL

SQL Server is a client-server RDBMS that uses T-SQL to send requests between a client and SQL Server.Normally, client applications are called as Front-end and SQL Server is regarded as back-end. Users may not interact with SQL Server directly. Instead, they communicate through a GUI application built using Visual Basic, Visual C++, Java, C#, HTML. […]