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Basic Steps to deploy a website

There are basically three steps involved in setting up a website. Firstly, you should register a domain name from a hosting provider and purchase a web space for hosting. The final step is to upload the files using FTP.

Domain Name Registration

Domain name is your identity on the web. The address you entered in the Address Bar of your browser is a domain name. Without a valid and registered domain name, websites won’t exists. There are companies like Network Solutions, Registrar.com with whom you can register domain names with .com, .net and .org prefixes. Other domain prefixes like .edu, .in. .uk, .gov are available only to the concerned persons or authorities.

If you are unable to approach these companies on your own, then you can avail the services of other providers and companies. These service providers will register domain names on behalf of them. You have to pay a required cost for registering a domain of your choice. Moreover, you can check for the availability of domain names by visiting godaddy.com, netsol.com, verisign.com, registrar.com.

Finding a Web Hosting Provider

After registering a domain name, you should find a hosting provider to get a server space for your domain name. Usually, the service provider with whom you registered the domain name, provides this service. Many hosting providers have different plans like 5 MB, 10 MB, 20 MB web space, even though 10 MB is common nowadays.

The amount of space depends upon your needs and business. Upon registration the service provider provides you with a username, password, FTP account name and DNS addresses. For example, if your domain name is abc.com, your FTP account name will be ftp.abc.com. FTP is called as File Transfer Protocol and it enables you to transfer your files to your server.

Uploading your files via FTP

Now, you have the required information for transferring the files to the server. You should install a FTP Client Software such as FileZilla, CuteFTP. This software enables you to upload the files to the server. Initially, you have to enter some information like username, password and so on. After that you can just select the files from the left panel and upload them.

Note: FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol

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