Introducing Silverdraw

A kerala based techie has creaed a micro blogging site code named Silverdraw ( based on Silverlight and WCF Polling Duplex. According to Anoop Madhusudanan, the creator of the platform, Silverdraw is realtime white board that can sync information between various participants, using Silverlight + WCF Polling Duplex. Presently this is a just a POC implementation. Users can draw together in the white board, and may chat each other.

You will find more details regarding the project at The source code for the project is available for download at


silverlight, microsoft, aspnet, anoop, codeproject

silverlight, microsoft, aspnet, anoop, codeproject

The creator has published an article at CodeProject which can be viewed at

Keywords: silverlight, microsoft, aspnet, anoop, codeproject

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  1. WELCOMETOHELL   February 6, 2010 at 2:51 am

    Любое искусство, особенно не совсем традиционное, всегда вызывало ожесточенные споры. Думаю, оно просто имеет право на существование, вот и всё!


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