C# FAQ 1 – What Is Object Oriented Programming?

We deal with objects every day. There are basically two kinds of objects namely objects with life and without life. Animals and human beings form living objects whereas Buildings and Furniture are objects without life. Each of these objects include certain properties and you can also perform certain actions which ultimately describes their behavior. Object […]

The Programmers Second Edition Covers .NET 4.5, OOP, WCF, WPF, Duck Typing, Globalization and Localization

Sukesh Marla has recently released the second edition of The Programmers newspaper in collaboration with Questpond. The latest edition includes an article about the various features included with .NET Framework 4.5 and the principles associated with Object Oriented Programming (OOP). It also contains articles related to WCF overloading, duck typing, WPF and backbone.js in addition […]