The Emergence of Windows 10

The Emergence of Windows 10

Time Flies and you can’t stop it. I still remember those days when I worked with Windows 3.1, where I used to provide commands to create and rename folders. However, with the passage of time, Microsoft began to think of improving the user interface. Windows 98 was born which completely changed the way in which […]

Working with Screensaver in Windows 7

Screensavers are used when your computer is idle. You can run animations via a screensaver when you are not working. It exists right from the days of Windows 3.1. In this video, you will learn the steps required to use Screensaver in Windows 7. During 1990-2003, CRT monitors were used to work with the PCs. […]

Computer Fundamentals

Computer Fundamentals study guide teaches relevant concepts associated with general computing and Windows 7 in addition to various built-in system tools. You will also learn the use of advanced concepts such as Windows Flip and Windows Flip 3D. Computer Fundamentals study guide can be used by government officials, students, senior citizens, volunteers, non-profit organizations, resident […]

Password Reset Disk in Windows 7 with Pen Drive or Floppy Disk

We, human beings and are prone to forget crucial information such as login password. You will not be able to recollect the password when you require it especially if you are using your PC after a long period of time. Hence, it is recommended to take precautionary steps during the initial stages itself by creating […]

Locating Recycle Bin in Windows 7

Recycle bin is a separate location in Windows 7 Operating System. You will be able to find all the files which you have deleted from your computer during day to day computing life. You will have to empty the files from recycle bin once in a week to free up the accumulated disk space. Normally, […]

How to install a new theme in Windows 7?

Windows 7 is one of the powerful operating systems developed by the software giant Microsoft. It is designed primarily to reduce the usage time and reduce the learning curve of users particularly beginners. In this article, I will examine the steps required to modify your desktop background. Right click on an empty area of the […]

Uninstalling a Program from Control Panel

Imagine you purchased a new Intel computer. Over the period of time, you will install new applications and programs which are required for your day to day usage. You should uninstall a program properly in order to avoid any kind of problem. Follow the steps mentioned below to uninstall an installed program (1) Click Start […]

How do I Modify the Taskbar Settings?

Taskbar is an important element in Windows 7. It is not possible to work with Windows 7 without using Taskbar. As you might have observed, Start menu is situated on the Taskbar. You have to make use of Start menu to launch programs. Moreover, shortcuts to all major applications are attached to theĀ  Taskbar. In […]

How do I adjust screen resolution in Windows 7?

Resolution of your screen plays a vital role in your day to day computing activities. If the resolution of your screen is high then font size will be smaller. But there will be more work area. Sometimes, you will find it difficult to work if the resolution is higher, especially if you have a big […]

How do I easily find an installed program in Windows 7?

You will naturally install many software programs available from various sources over the period of time. Hence, it will be difficult to locate a program when required. Follow the steps mentioned below to locate a program in Windows 7 (1) Click Start Menu (2) Enter the first character of the program you want to locate […]