Interview with Ruslan Synytsky on Addition of James Gosling and Bruno Souza to Jelastic Board

Jelastic, Java based cloud solution provider has recently announced that James Gosling, the creator of the popular programming language Java, has joined the Jelastic team as an Independent Director. Moreover, Brazilian Java programmer Bruno Souza has joined Jelastic as an official adviser. In addition to the recent addition of Gosling and Souza, Jelastic has an […]

Book Review – Murach’s Dreamweaver CC 2014

Murach’s Dreamweaver CC 2014 examines all aspects of Dreamweaver Creative Cloud software in a comprehensive manner. The book has been authored by Zak Ruvalcaba and it consists of 17 chapters divided into 3 sections. Chapter 1 provides a detailed introduction to web development with Dreamweaver. In this chapter, you will learn the components to build […]

Interview with Michael Swaine and Paul Freiberger on Fire in the Valley, Third Edition

Pragmatic Bookshelf has released Fire in the Valley, Third Edition. The book has been authored by Michael Swaine and Paul Freiberger. Fire in the Valley is the definitive history of the personal computer written by tow veteran writers who were working with computers since 1980’s. In an interview to Pragmatic Bookshelf, Swaine and Freiberger elaborates […]

Interview with Jeff Fritz on Telerik DevCraft Q3 2014

Telerik DevCraft Q3 2014 has been released with controls for the development of Xamarin, Windows Universal in addition to enterprise enhancements for desktop and web. The latest release also adds Adaptive RadGrid for ASP.NET AJAX specially built for mobile. Learnxpress had a chat with Jeff Fritz, ASP.NET Developer Advocate, Telerik to know more about the features included […]

Interview with Todd Anglin on Telerik-Progress Merger Deal

Progress Software recently announced the acquisition of Telerik, popular .NET component vendor in an unprecedented USD 262.5 million deal. In an exclusive interview with Learnxpress, Todd Anglin, Executive Vice President, Product Strategy, Telerik shared additional information about the merger deal and what it takes for both customers and Telerik. Learnxpress: Can you elaborate as to who […]

Interview with David Lindsay on Coverity Scan Security Spotlight Report

Coverity recently released a scan security spotlight report for open source projects. They analysed several open source applications and compiled them into a report with relevant source code. Learnxpress had a chat with David Lindsay, Senior Security Product Manager, Coverity to know more information about the scan security spotlight report. Learnxpress: Did Coverity find more […]

Coverity Scan Security Spotlight Report for Open Source Projects Released

Coverity recently conducted an analysis of possible vulnerabilites in open source projects. The outcome of the analysis was a detailed comprehensive report with the name Coverity Scan Security Spotlight. The report consist of description of each threat followed by the number of issues detected during scan process. In addition to the report, Coverity also announced […]

DotNetNuke Platform Installation

DotNetNuke Platform (formerly DotNetNuke Community Edition) is a popular open source ASP.NET based Content Management System. It can be easily customized using themes. Moreover, you can extend the functionality of your site using modules. DotNetNuke itself ships with several modules but you can purchase advanced third party modules to deliver rich user experience. In this […]

Interview with Jennifer Castillo on Cognitier HomeWeb Service

In the first part of this series, I examined Cognitier HomeWeb service in detail. In an exclusive interview to Learnxpress, Jennifer Castillo, Chief Executive Officer, Cognitier shared more information about the recently launched HomeWeb service. Learnxpress:  Who is the target audience for the HomeWeb service? There’s a wide range of target users.  Home users will […]