What are Identifiers and Keywords?

Identifiers are the names given to classes, methods, variables and interfaces. It must be a whole word and starts with either an alphabet or an underscore. They are case sensitive. The main point you should bear in mind is that the names should not clash with C# keywords. Some programmers use @ prefix as a […]

What are the requirements for developing a C# application?

The first major requirement is that you should require a system running either Windows 2000 Professional or Windows XP Professional or Windows 2003/2008 Server. Windows XP Home Edition doesn’t provide support for .NET. It is not recommended to work with C# on Windows 98 systems as it is not compatible for developing server side applications […]

What are Namespaces?

As I explained in a previous FAQ, namespaces are placed at the top of the .NET hierarchy. Namespaces are nothing but group of classes or types or assemblies. Each of these classes contains lot of methods. Basically, namespaces are treated as containers for all classes and are classified into several categories, based on its functionalities. […]

What do you mean by .NET Framework Class Libraries?

The .NET framework class libraries are the core part of any .NET Framework programming language. It contains around 3400 classes classified logically into namespaces. Each class contains numerous methods and properties which you will use for your programming tasks. These libraries are available for any language under the Common Language Runtime environment.

FAQ 4 – What is Common Language Runtime?

Common Language Runtime shortly called as CLR provides a universal execution engine for .NET applications and it is provided by the .NET Framework. Every target computer should require CLR for executing .NET applications. One of the most interesting points to note is that the CLR itself manages the life of objects. This is the effect […]

FAQ 3 – What is C#?

C#, pronounced as C-Sharp, is one of the powerful programming languages provided by the .NET Framework. According to Microsoft “C# is a modern, object-oriented language that enables programmers to quickly build a wide range of applications for the new Microsoft .NET platform, which provides tools and services that fully exploit both computing and communications”. The […]

FAQ 2 – What is Microsoft .NET?

Microsoft .NET is one of the latest and powerful technologies introduced by Microsoft Corporation. It is comprised of several programming languages and each of these languages works under a common framework called .NET Framework. Developers had faced lot of difficulties while working with earlier languages. These difficulties were completely eliminated with the introduction of .NET. […]

FAQ 1 – What is Object Oriented Programming?

We deal with objects everyday. There are basically two kinds of objects namely, objects with life and without life. Animals and Human beings form living objects whereas Buildings and Furniture are objects without life. Each of these objects includes certain properties and you can also perform certain actions which ultimately describes their behavior. Object Oriented […]

Understanding Data Types and Variables in Java

In every programming language, you will learn about data types like Integer, Float etc. Data types are necessary for variable declaration. Data Types in Java are primitive types i.e.; they are built into the Java language itself. Data types in Java can be classified as Byte, Short, Long, Integer, Float, Double, Character, Boolean. Let us […]