Azure API Apps Adds Swagger Capability

Microsoft has included a new feature named Azure API Apps as part of the Azure SDK 2.5.1 release. This feature raises the capabilities of ASP.NET Web API. It is also possible to extend this feature with Swagger metadata while providing a simple to manage interface in the Azure Portal. With the help of Azure API […]

Azure Data Factory Editor: A Light Weight Web Editor

Azure Data Factory Editor: A Light Weight Web Editor

Azure Data Factory’s (ADF) public preview launched on 10/27 and one of the consistent pieces of customer feedback we received, is to enable a rich interactive authoring experience allowing users to create, configure and deploy data integration pipelines without any friction. We listened to your feedback and are happy to announce the release of “ADF […]

Web Deployment Made Easy with Azure Resource Manager and DocumentDB

The Azure Resource Manager has been updated to enable creation of reusable deployment templates and configuration of multiple Azure resources. Developers will be able to create an Azure DocumentDB account, Azure website in addition to deployment of an application to the website using a single deployment command. You can also automatically configure the website with […]

Microsoft Azure Government Adds Isolation and Security Features

Microsoft has announced the general availability of Azure Government. This is in continuation to the release of a private preview of Azure Government at the Microsoft Federal Executive Forum in March 2014. Microsoft released the recent public release after one hundred government customers and solution providers put Azure Government through testing and evaluation. The product […]

Azure SQL Database Creation Made Easy

Microsoft Azure product team recently extended the database creation workflow in the preview Azure management portal to support two new scenarios namely create from sample and create from backup. Microsoft also provided a sample database which is based on the lightweight version of the popular Adventure Works database. The database provides support for order processing […]

Microsoft Azure HDInsight Available in China, Australia and Japan East

Microsoft Azure HDInsight is currently generally available in China. If you are from China, you can make use of the features provided with Azure HDInsight. This new development is in addition to the recent offering of Hadoop public preview in China. “Both local Chinese organizations and multi-national corporations with offices in China can spin up […]

Microsoft Azure Automation Script Converter Released

Microsoft recently released a new Azure Automation service, which enable you to automate all your management processes, take advantage of runbooks in the community gallery, and attain reliable execution in the face of failures using checkpoints. With the help of Azure automation, you cannot execute PowerShell script but will be able to execute PowerShell Workflow. […]

Microsoft Updated on Azure Storage Service Interruption

Microsoft Azure network recently faced service interruption on its storage platform. As a result of the interruption, websites of certain section of customers were affected. “The incident has now been resolved and we are seeing normal activity in the system,” said Jason Zander, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Azure Team. Microsoft provides a special status page […]