NamespaceType Property Added to Azure

Microsoft has announced changes to the Create Namespace Service Bus PowerShell cmdlet and Create Namespace REST API. The cmdlet ships with Azure PowerShell. Microsoft has also introduced a NamespaceType property. If you make use of cmdlets or REST API to create a namespace, then you will be able to contain both Notification hub and Messaging […]

Azure Traffic Manager Gets Better in China

Azure Traffic Manager is now available within Azure in China. It is a GA service and can be managed via Azure Management Portal, the Azure Service Management API and through PowerShell. Azure Traffic Manager is a DNS based Traffic Management solution with endpoint monitoring, failure detection and automatic re-routing of traffic to healthy nodes within […]

Azure iOS Offline SDK 2.0 Beta Adds Table Storage Support

Microsoft released a new beta build (Version 2.0.0) of the Azure iOS offline SDK. It provides support for accessing Table Storage when using a .NET backend Mobile Service. The MSReadQueryBlock type definition has been updated as shown below Old definition typedef void (^MSReadQueryBlock)(NSArray *items, NSInteger totalCount, NSError *error); New definition typedef void (^MSReadQueryBlock)(MSQueryResult *result, NSError […]

Microsoft Announces New Azure Certifications

It is now possible to run SAP Business Suite, Business All-In-One, and NetWeaver Application Server using Oracle DB or SAP ASE on Azure. Moreover, SAP on Azure is now certified to run on Oracle Database and SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise. The new development is the result of the partnership between Microsoft and Oracle announced last […]

Azure Search Learning Resources

Microsoft recently released Azure Search Public Preview and it got great feedback from the community. However, few developers are of the opinion that they are unable to know what to do after the creation of Azure search service. Hence, Microsoft has created learning resources to assist developers to make use of Azure search service. Cloud […]

Azure SQL Database Service Tiers with Reduced Pricing and Improved SLA

Microsoft is scheduled to introduce new Azure SQL database service tiers in September. The standard service tier package will offer a new S0 performance level to enable more customers to benefit from the features in the Standard tier. Moreover, Microsoft has decided to migrate to hourly billing for the upcoming service tiers. The basic Azure […]

Microsoft Azure WebJobs SDK 0.4.0 Beta Preview Released

Microsoft Azure WebJobs SDK 0.4.0 beta preview has been released with Async support, ability ot handle poison messages in Azure queus, better polling logic for Azure queues, fast path notifications for queues, configuration options for queue polling in addition to several dashboard performance improvements and bug fixes. With the help of Async support, you will be […]