Exploring Kigg – Alternative to Pligg

Pligg is a very powerful application which is used to create Digg or DotNetKicks styled websites. But the software is in PHP version and many .NET developers may not like PHP. Hence, few developers have developed a new application code named KiGG which is a web 2.0 style social news web application developed using Microsoft […]

Fix – Could not load file or assembly RadMenu.Net2 or one of its dependencies

Telerik has developed a wide range of controls and RadMenu is one of them. It is used to create menus in an ASP.NET application. Once you deploy the application to a web server then you will sometimes receive error message as displayed below Server Error in ‘/’ Application. ——————————————————————————– Parser Error Description: An error occurred […]

Fix – Assembly binding logging is turned OFF

Assembly binding logging is turned OFF error will be displayed when you attempt to install a ASP.NET application on the server. This error will also occur if you upload files containing third party components such as Telerik ASP.NET Control Suite. Following error will be displayed on the screen if you upload files containing Telerik RadMenu […]

Web Server Information using .NET

This article is about a tool which you can use to get information like encoding, cookie details, web server name, server language, their version numbers, etc. We cannot guarantee as it is possible for the server guys to fake/disable parameters if they wish. WebClient belongs to System.Net.WebClient. You can find the MSDN page here – […]

Programming Entity Framework, Second Edition

O’reilly has released a new book titled Programming Entity Framework authored by well known programmer and author Julia Lerman. The sub title of the book reads as Building Data Centric Apps with the ADO.NET Entity Framework 4 Get a thorough introduction to ADO.NET Entity Framework 4-Microsoft’s core framework for modeling and interacting with data in […]

Fix – The connection name ‘LocalSqlServer’ was not found in the applications configuration or the connection string is empty

Imagine you are struck when you see the error message – The connection name ‘LocalSqlServer’ was not found in the applications configuration or the connection string is empty. Don’t Panic. You can easily fix the error and happily run the like any other ASP.NET application. Web hosting providers follow different rules for configuring ASP.NET on […]

Windows Server 2008 Print Management

Windows Server 2008 includes a new print management architecture which provides a better print-server platform with improved performance. The new print management architecture is compatible with existing print drivers and applications and also enables them to use features which are found only in the newer XPSDrv printer drivers, which have a more efficient print queue […]

Visual Basic 2010 Language Enhancements

Earlier this month Microsoft released Visual Studio 2010, the .NET Framework 4.0 (which includes ASP.NET 4.0), and new versions of their core programming languages:C# 4.0 and Visual Basic 10 (also referred to as Visual Basic 2010). Previously, the C# and Visual Basic programming languages were managed by two separate teams within Microsoft, which helps explain […]

My Favorite New Features in Visual Studio 2010

On Tuesday, April 13th, Microsoft released Visual Studio 2010 and the .NET Framework 4.0 (which includes ASP.NET 4.0). To get started with Visual Studio 2010 you can either download a trial version of one of the commercialeditions or you can go grab the free Visual Web Developer 2010 Express Edition. The Visual Studio 2010 user […]