5 Important Rules in Website Design

When it comes to your website, extra attention should be paid to every minute detail to make sure it performs optimally to serve its purpose. Here are seven important rules of thumb to observe to make sure your website performs well. The first rule is that you should not make use of splash pages. They […]

Silverlight Introduction

This article will be very helpful for the beginners who want to know and start development on Silverlight projects, if you are already working on Silverlight you will find complete understanding of Silverlight Introduction. In this article I have started with definition of Silverlight, purpose of the Silverlight technology and different versions released so far. […]

Creating an Artistic Blog Header with CSS Sprites

In this fourth part of a seven-part series, I build the header section of a sample blog site. It will use another set of CSS sprites — or, in other words, a different background image — to decorate the sections comprising its navigation bar. If you think that building engaging navigation bars using CSS sprites […]

Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server- Moss Development

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, also known as MOSS, is an integrated suite of server capabilities that can help improve organizational effectiveness by providing comprehensive content management and enterprise search. http://www.articlesbase.com/programming-articles/microsoft-office-sharepoint-server-moss-development-1798122.html

ImageGear for Silverlight

ImageGear for Silverlight v17 is the most advanced way to create, control, and deliver more secure, high-quality imaging applications. Using ImageGear, you can easily add powerful imaging capability to your applications. ImageGear supports all of the most commonly used graphics file formats and many more, providing complete compatibility when developing Silverlight solutions. Accusoft ImageGear for […]

Modifying Gmail Password

I have been using Gmail from its beta stage. I have found it difficult to modify the password since you will not find any link related to it on the settings page. But there is an alternate link using which you can go to the page in which you need to modify password.

Twitter Analyzer

As the number of people are making use of twitter, software and web developers are in the process of creating tools to make the most out of the social networking tool. Today, I am going to introduce a web based analysis tool named Twitter Analyzer (http://www.twitteranalyzer.com). It clearly displays the statistical details of a twitter […]

Introducing Silverdraw

A kerala based techie has creaed a micro blogging site code named Silverdraw (http://silverdraw.com) based on Silverlight and WCF Polling Duplex. According to Anoop Madhusudanan, the creator of the platform, Silverdraw is realtime white board that can sync information between various participants, using Silverlight + WCF Polling Duplex. Presently this is a just a POC […]

ZoneAlarm Pro Free Offer

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd is distributing its award winning firewall solution, ZoneAlarm Pro for the next 24 hours starting from October 13. This is a great opportunity to grab a great software at no extra cost. Among other features, the product has multiple layers of protection as listed below Makes you invisible to hackers […]

Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft has released a anti-virus utility named Microsoft Security Essentials. It has the ability to detect viruses, malwares, spyware, and other malicious software and provides real-time protection for your computer. You can download the utility from http://www.microsoft.com/security_essentials/ and the installation file is around 8 MB in size. You have to perform an installation before you […]