Protect against Phishing

Phishing means accidental visit to a website which resembles like the original site. This is infact a big threat to those who are connected to Internet as users are simply duped by stealing their credentials. The process will kick start with the hackers sending fraudulent emails (which may look similar with all details including the […]

Linkedin,WordPress, Twitter and Facebook

Imagine that you have completed a degree course and waiting for a job. Spending alone at home. Don’t waste your time. You can spend your spare moments by visiting various websites which will ultimately expose you to the outside world. Linkedin It is a popular site to record your professional achievements, awards and projects. You […]

DiscountASP.NET Upgrades and Extends Free Sandbox Hosting for Developers

DiscountASP.NET, a leading innovator in Windows Server 2008 hosting, partnered with Microsoft to unveil a free sandbox hosting program at the Professional Developers Conference (PDC) 2008, designed to allow developers to get early experience with and provide feedback on next-generation web application packaging and deployment scenarios. Today, DiscountASP.NET announces extending the free Microsoft Web Deployment […]

Boost Speed and Memory with DevExpress ASPxGridView

With the release of Outlook 97, Microsoft introduced to the masses an entirely new way in which to deliver information to end-users within a grid control. Component vendors such as us then released components which allowed developers to build Windows® and ASP.NET applications that mimicked the capabilities of Outlook 97’s grid. Over the last 10+ […]