Basic Steps to deploy a website

There are basically three steps involved in setting up a website. Firstly, you should register a domain name from a hosting provider and purchase a web space for hosting. The final step is to upload the files using FTP. Domain Name Registration Domain name is your identity on the web. The address you entered in […]

Learn how to work with StyleSheets

The mechanism that applies a style across one or more pages is termed as cascading style sheets or CSS. Style sheets are used to control all aspects of graphic presentation of a Web page like fonts, background-color, background-image, margins etc.

Learn how to work with Forms in HTML

Forms are used widely on the Web pages. Web sites collects feedback information, registration details through the forms from the users. If you ever signed up for free web pages, free email services you may be already aware and familiar with forms.

Understanding HTML

HTML Stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. It’s used to design and format WebPages. Programming Languages like C/C++ are having syntax, which we should learn to effectively program in that language. In HTML, we call these syntax as Tags. Tags are enclosed within angular brackets < and >.