Microsoft SQL Server Developer Edition is now free

SQL Server 2014 Developer Edition is now available as a free download for Visual Studio Dev Essentials members. SQL Server Developer Edition is for development and testing only, and not for production environments or for use with production data. Visual Studio Dev Essentials is Microsoft’s most comprehensive free developer program ever, with everything you need […]

Get Free Books from Packt Publishing – Android Week 2016

Get Free Books from Packt Publishing – Android Week 2016

Packt Publishing is currently offering free ebooks as part of Android Week 2016. This is a nice opportunity to grab free books authored by reputed authors on a wide range of subjects. As of this writing, Android 5 Programming by Example is available for free but not yet available for users. However, another book titled […]

Sellf CRM app Gets Better with Slack App Directory

Sellf CRM app Gets Better with Slack App Directory

Sellf, the award-winning mobile CRM and sales tracking app to help professionals and Small/Medium businesses reach their sales goals, is now available as the first fully featured CRM app on the newly launched Slack App Directory. Through the Slack integration, when one of the members of your company closes a deal, a “Sellf BOT” – […]

Metalogix Takes First and Second Place in ThreeWill Reader Poll on Favorite SharePoint Migration Solutions

Metalogix, the premier provider of unified software to migrate, manage and secure content across enterprise collaboration platforms, has announced that its Content Matrix product was named the number one favorite in a recent ThreeWill Reader Poll on Microsoft SharePoint migration solutions. MetaVis, acquired by Metalogix in April 2015, took second place. Commenting on the poll […]

Microsoft Open Sourced Visual Studio Productivity Power Tools

Microsoft Open Sourced Visual Studio Productivity Power Tools

Microsoft has announced that the company has open sourced the Visual Studio Productivity Power Tools on GitHub. Released in 2010, Productivity Power Tools is a pack of powerful extensions to improve developer productivity including Ctrl+Click Go to Definition, Copy As HTML, and Middle Click Scroll, just to name a few. Ever since Productivity Power Tools […]

Spark with Python

Spark is a cluster computing framework that uses in-memory primitives to enable programs to run up to a hundred times faster than Hadoop MapReduce applications. Spark applications consist of a driver program that controls the execution of parallel operations across a cluster. The main programming abstraction provided by Spark is known as Resilient Distributed Datasets […]

Visual and Dimension Improvements in UI for ASP.NET AJAX

Rich-featured functionality and stability are two essential ingredients when it comes to Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX controls development. But when it comes down to it, what attracts users to your application and keeps them coming back is the first impression – the love at first sight. Visual elements, color scheme, dimension dependencies and more […]

Using NativeScript to Rewrite the Modulus App

When Bao Nguyen needed to rewrite the Modulus companion app, he took the opportunity to explore NativeScript, a powerful cross-platform environment he could code on using skills he already had. Modulus, a Node.js hosting platform that lets you deploy, scale and monitor apps, needed to have its companion mobile app rewritten. NativeScript is an open […]

Running Pig

Pig contains multiple modes that can be specified to configure how Pig scripts and Pig statements will be executed. Execution Modes Pig has two execution modes: local and MapReduce. Running Pig in local mode only requires a single machine. Pig will run on the local host and access the local filesystem. To run Pig in local […]

Pig and Python

Pig is composed of two major parts: a high-level data flow language called Pig Latin, and an engine that parses, optimizes, and executes the Pig Latin scripts as a series of MapReduce jobs that are run on a Hadoop cluster. Compared to Java MapReduce, Pig is easier to write, understand, and maintain because it is […]