How do I Modify the Taskbar Settings?

Taskbar is an important element in Windows 7. It is not possible to work with Windows 7 without using Taskbar. As you might have observed, Start menu is situated on the Taskbar. You have to make use of Start menu to launch programs. Moreover, shortcuts to all major applications are attached to the  Taskbar. In […]

How do I adjust screen resolution in Windows 7?

Resolution of your screen plays a vital role in your day to day computing activities. If the resolution of your screen is high then font size will be smaller. But there will be more work area. Sometimes, you will find it difficult to work if the resolution is higher, especially if you have a big […]

How do I easily find an installed program in Windows 7?

You will naturally install many software programs available from various sources over the period of time. Hence, it will be difficult to locate a program when required. Follow the steps mentioned below to locate a program in Windows 7 (1) Click Start Menu (2) Enter the first character of the program you want to locate […]