Android Enables you to Copy and Paste Content Easily

Some people find it difficult to use Android tablet. However, if you spend few minutes you will be able to learn its usage. You will be able to perform all tasks easily but it takes few minutes to find the relevant options.

Today, my father asked how to copy and paste content from a webpage with his Android tablet. I haven’t used Android for a while but I managed to find a solution.

(1) Open the web page from where you want the content to be copied

(2) Gentle touch the beginning word of a paragraph and two blue markers will appear

(3) Tap and Drag the first marker to the right side till the end of the content

(4) Click the three vertical dots on the top of the screen and select Copy. In older Samsung Android tablets, you will see a word “Copy” as a separate menu item on the toolbar.

(5) You will view a message stating that the text has been copied successfully to clipboard

Clipboard is the area where the content you cut and copy are placed

(6) In order to paste the copied content, tap an Android program (For instance, Gmail) where you need to place the content.

(7) Make sure that the cursor blinks on the text area where you want to paste the content

(8) Gently touch and you will be able to view Paste option. You can also paste the content by selecting the three vertical dots on the top right side of the screen of your Android tablet.

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