Azure Search Learning Resources

Microsoft recently released Azure Search Public Preview and it got great feedback from the community. However, few developers are of the opinion that they are unable to know what to do after the creation of Azure search service. Hence, Microsoft has created learning resources to assist developers to make use of Azure search service.

Cloud Cover 152: Azure Search with Liam Cavanagh

In this Channel 9 episode, Chris Risner and Haishi Bai are joined by Liam Cavanagh, Program Manager for the Azure Search team. Azure Search is a scalable, fully managed, full-text search within Azure. It enables developers to add a great experience to web apps, mobile apps, and anything else they might be building.

Azure Search Service

Channel 9 itself is using Azure Search to power searching the content on this site.  Here, Liam demonstrates how to generate an index using Fiddler to send web requests to his Search Service. After generating an index, he then adds JSON documents to index. Once data is added and an index is generated, Liam then performs several different types of searches on the data.

Create your first search solution using Azure Search

This sample documentation demonstrates a search application for the Adventure Works bicycle company. After completing this tutorial, you’ll have an online product catalog with a rich search experience that includes faceted navigation, multiple sort options for your search results, and type-ahead query suggestions.

AzureSearch tutorial in ~100 lines of python

In this tutorial, Ajey Shah examines the usage of Python to interact with Azure. Ajey is an engineer on the Azure Search product team

Using the Azure Search service from JavaScript

In this article, Richard Astbury demonstrates the creation of a NodeJS package that allows JavaScript applications to easily interact with Azure Search.

Maanaging Microsoft Azure Search with the RedDog Search Portal

In this article, Sandrino Di Mattia, Microsoft Azure MVP examines the creation of a web based UI that allows you to fully manage Azure Search indexes. The process involves creation, managing, index tuning and loading of documents from CSV files.

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