Azure SQL Database Service Tiers with Reduced Pricing and Improved SLA

Microsoft is scheduled to introduce new Azure SQL database service tiers in September. The standard service tier package will offer a new S0 performance level to enable more customers to benefit from the features in the Standard tier. Moreover, Microsoft has decided to migrate to hourly billing for the upcoming service tiers.

The basic Azure service tier is primarily designed for applications with a light transactional workload. While the standard tier offers mid-level performance and business continuity features, premium service tier is oriented for mission critical databases.

“This will provide customers with greater flexibility to shift between service tiers and performance levels, based on demand patterns, to gain cost-effective, reliable performance”, said Eron Kelly, General Manager, Product Marketing, SQL Server Product Management.

The updated pricing structure of new Azure database service tier will be available to all customers from November 1, 2014. The availability of the currently available web and business tiers will be extended till September 2015 to enable existing customers during the transition.

Azure Database Service Tiers

According to official sources, final pricing will reflect up to 50% savings from the previous pricing. It will benefit more customers to benefit from higher performance and greater business expansion.

Microsoft will also introduce new Azure service tier for ISVs that enables pooling DTU allocations across multiple databases will be available to support a smooth transition for these ISVs.

“Microsoft is working hard to enhance 99.99% SLA since many customers will migrate their mission critical applications to the cloud and it requires high availability”, mentioned Kelly in his blog post.

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