Azure Traffic Manager Gets Better in China

Azure Traffic Manager is now available within Azure in China. It is a GA service and can be managed via Azure Management Portal, the Azure Service Management API and through PowerShell.

Azure Traffic Manager is a DNS based Traffic Management solution with endpoint monitoring, failure detection and automatic re-routing of traffic to healthy nodes within your application’s footprint.

Azure Traffic Manager

With the help of Azure traffic manager, developers will be able to configure profiles to route requests to the closest endpoint, failover within a list of endpoints or route traffic equally to all endpoints. The profiles consists of endpoints that are Cloud Services (both web/worker roles and IaaS VMs), Azure Websites and external endpoints all as peers within the same profile.

Azure Traffic Manager enables you to distribute traffic globally across several Azure Regions or between Azure and an on-premises deployment.

Azure Traffic Manager within Azure in China provides support for cloud services specification that are hosted as external endpoints. Hence, global apps will be able to improve their availability and performance within China. Moreover, chinese applications will be able to extend their reach by leveraging the global scale of Azure.

In order to configure PowerShell for Azure in China, you need to use Get-AzurePublishSettingsFile cmdlet, start Windows Azure PowerShell and connect to your Azure in China subscription as shown below

PS C:\> Get-AzurePublishSettingsFile -Environment AzureChinaCloud

The code shown below creates a new Traffic Manager Profile in Azure in China, adds two endpoints to it and submits the result to Azure:

PS C:\> $profile = New-AzureTrafficManagerProfile -Name “MyProfile” -DomainName “” -LoadBalancingMethod “RoundRobin” -Ttl 30 -MonitorProtocol “Http” -MonitorPort 80 -MonitorRelativePath “/”
PS C:\> $profile = Add-AzureTrafficManagerEndpoint -TrafficManagerProfile $profile -DomainName “” -Status “Enabled” -Type “CloudService”
PS C:\> $profile = Add-AzureTrafficManagerEndpoint -TrafficManagerProfile $profile -DomainName “” -Status “Enabled” -Type “CloudService”
PS C:\> Set-AzureTrafficManagerProfile –TrafficManagerProfile $profile

“Azure Traffic Manager supports the same SLAs for Azure in China as for public Azure,” said Stephen Malone, Senior Program Manager, Azure Networking – DNS and Traffic Manager.

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