Basics of Programming with JavaScript by Kyle Simpson

Pluralsight has released Basics of Programming with JavaScript which examines the core basics of JavaScript. This course teaches you the fundamentals of JavaScript within 2 hours.

Chapter 1 examines the fundamental concepts associated with JavaScript. This includes basic introduction to programming, statements, expressions and the relevant steps required to execute a program. You will also learn the steps required to practice coding along with a brief coverage of input and output process.

If you select a particular topic, you will be taken to the relevant course. You will be able to view the course coverage inside the Player.

The author presents the course in such a way that you are able to see him speaking with his laptop and the required slides and code will be presented inside a separate window.

The author provides a detailed coverage of the various syntax used in JavaScript. This includes operators, values, types, code comments, variables, blocks, conditional statements, loops, functions, scope.

Basics of Programming with JavaScript

The author also provides a challange for you to solve them during the course along wih the solution. You will also learn about ECMAScript 6 in the final section.

Pluralsight courses are designed in such a way that you can learn topics quickly. The company also offers exercise files but there are no such files for Basics of Programming with JavaScript course.

Basics of Programming with JavaScript course has been authored byawho is a freelance developer based in Austin, TX.

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