Best Ways to Study for Chemistry

Chemistry can be a difficult subject if you are not studying it in a right way. There are no secrets to help you master chemistry overnight. To master chemistry, you have to study it in a proper way. Once you know the best ways to spend your study time and prepare for lessons, you can focus on understanding the topics. Topics like mole concept, thermodynamics, organic chemistry need proper study planning. In this article, we will discuss the best ways to study for chemistry.

Study Before the class

Try to study the topic a night before it will be taught in the classroom. Just try to read the chapter once, don’t worry if you do not understand anything. By just reading the chapter, it will help you to understand the topics better when it is taught in the classroom.

Memorize the periodic table

To master in chemistry, you have to learn the periodic table. It is the base of chemistry. The way you struggle in mathematics while solving a problem, the same is applied here if you forget the atomic number or the atomic weight while solving a problem then you will be in big trouble.

Solve Sample Papers and Previous Year Questions Papers

Solving previous year questions and sample papers will help you to know the types of questions asked in the examination, marking schemes and the pattern of the questions papers.

Solve Textbook Questions

Students should try to solve the questions provided at the end of each chapter. Solving Questions from textbooks will help you to understand the chapters in a better way.

Study for your upcoming chemistry exams by following the above strategies and score good marks in the examination. You can also study using interactive and engaging videos provided at BYJU’S YouTube channel:

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