Book Report – Killer UX Design

Today, technology is used to shift, sway and change attitudes and behavior. This creates amazing opportunities and challenges for designers. If we want to create products and services that have the power to educate people so they may live better lives, or help to reduce the time people take to do certain tasks, we first need an understanding of how these people think and work – what makes them “tick”

The premise of Killer UX Design is the need to understand how people “behave”; their habits, motivators and drivers, as a critical way to better understand what a great customer experience for your audience looks like, facilitating better design decisions.

The book will lead you from understanding behavior, to extracting customer insights that can launch you into the design of something that makes a difference to people’s lives – all presented in a fun, practical and non-academic way.

About the Author

Jodie Moule is co-founder & director of Symplicit, an experience design consultancy based in Australia that focuses on research, strategy and design services. Her background as a psychologist means understanding human behavior is a core philosophy, and she has a passion for helping clients to see their brands through the eyes of their customers.

She is also interested in how to combine this understanding of human behavior with good design thinking, to influence the way businesses approach the design of their products, systems and processes.

Killer UX Design

Publisher: SitePoint By Jodie Moule

Print ISBN: 9780987153098

Ebook ISBN: 9780987247803

Pages: 300

Print Price: $39.95

Ebook Price: $32.00

Learnxpress will soon publish a review of Killer UX Design.

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