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Syncfusion has released C# Succinctly, which examines the different ways to build your own C# applications. The book has been divided into nine chapters and authored by Joe Mayo, who is a renowned C# expert and author of several books related to .NET Framework.

The first chapter examines the various aspects related to C# and .NET programming. You will learn the steps required to write, run and deploy a C# program in addition to coverage of namespaces and code organization.

The author has examined types, operators, strings, arrays, collections and loops in chapter 2. The next chapter deals with methods, properties and Exception handling with the help of comprehensive explanation and relevant source codes.

The sections in Chapter 4 help you to learn about access modifiers, encapsulation, enums, polymorphism, abstract classes and interfaces.

With the help of chapter 5, you will be able to reference methods with delegates, fire events in addition to usage of Lambdas. While chapter 6 examines the usage of collections and generics, chapter 7 provides a detailed coverage of LINQ. You will learn the steps required to query and order collection in addition to data filtering.

C# Succinctly also includes coverage of advanced topics. You will learn how to consume Async code and develop Async libraries. The final chapter examines the usage of Reflection in addition to the steps required to decorate code with Attributes and code dynamically.

C# Succinctly

I would prefer to see a chapter which examines the working of Visual C# 2015 and MVC in addition to multiple choice questions at the end of each chapter. As I mentioned above, the author has examined the concepts with the help of source code, explanation. Moreover, the keywords are marked in bold to enable you to recognize easily.

By default, you will be able to view a PDF file with content. However, you will be able to jump chapters by selecting Bookmarks icon from the Adobe reader.

C# Succinctly is a mini handbook with only 100 pages and is available in both PDF and Kindle formats. However, it is a treasure house of knowledge since you will be able to learn all the concepts with a single PDF file without having to browse articles scattered all over the web.

In addition to C# Succinctly, Syncfusion has published over 70 free ebooks on a wide range of technologies and programming languages. However, you should register on the site to download ebooks. You will receive automated emails as and when a new Succinctly series ebook has been published.

C# Succinctly Book Cover C# Succinctly
Joe Mayo
July 13, 2015

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