Book Review – Murach MySQL

MySQL is employed by numerous websites as a backend to PHP based applications such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. You need not have to learn MySQL in order to work with these CMS scripts. MySQL is also widely employed by many other third party software applications and web sites. However, if you would like to create your own PHP based scripts which make use of MySQL then you should learn the database language. Murach MySQL is a comprehensive book which examines all the aspects involved with the database language in a detailed manner.

Inside the Book

The book is divided into 5 sections that contain several chapters. Section 1 provides a basic introduction to relational databases and SQL. You will also learn the usage of MySQL Workbench and MySQL Monitor.

Section 2 is divided into 7 chapters which examine the steps required to retrieve data from a single and multiple tables including the usage of summary queries, sub queries, data types and functions. You will also learn the procedure to be followed to insert, update and delete data.

The chapters in section 3 examine the creation of databases, tables, indexes, views including the steps required to design a database. The chapters in Section 4 examines the usage of transactions and locking including the creation of stored procedures, functions, triggers and events.

The author also provides the applicable language skills required for writing stored programs. The final section provides a basic introduction to database administration. You will also learn the steps required to secure, backup and restore a database.

The book also includes two appendices which examines the installation of software on Windows and MacOX. The publisher also provides code downloads and sample chapters which can be downloaded from their website.

I would prefer to see a separate chapter which examines the usage of MySQL in an ASP.NET application. It would be helpful if the author provides a detailed summary of various Content Management Systems (CMS) which makes use of MySQL as backend. The author has examined the concepts in a comprehensive manner with tables, relevant code samples followed by a short description. Each chapter also includes set of exercises which will help learners especially students to brush up their skills.


The publisher provides free sample chapters, which you can read before making a purchase decision. You can also download code samples discussed on the book from the publishers website. Murach Publishing also provides an instructor CD specially prepared for the purpose of imparting class room training.


Murach MySQL is a perfect choice if you need to master the database language for your upcoming projects. The book will also be useful for computer training centres as they can use it as a course material for short term courses.

Murach’s MySQL
by Joel Murach
19 chapters
590 pages
ISBN – 978-1-890774-68-4

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