Book Review – Murach’s Android Programming (2nd Edition)

Murach’s Android Programming is divided into 5 sections consisting of several chapters. Section 1 provides a brief introduction to Android and Android Studio. The author also provides the steps required to start, finish, test and debug an Android app.

The chapters in Section 2 examines the steps required to work with layouts, widgets, event handling, themes, styles, menus, preferences, and fragments.

Section 3 provides a detailed coverage of threads, files, adapters, intents, services, notifications in addition to broadcast receivers. The author examines the topics in this chapter with the help of news reader app.

The books published by Murach always feature a demo application. Murach’s Android Programming is no different since it examines Android programming with the help of a task list app. The author provided a detailed overview of SQLite databases, tabs, custom adapters, content providers and app widgets.

The final section examines the steps required to deploy an app. You will also learn the usage of locations and maps. The author has followed a uniform approach to cover the concepts. Each section begins with a detailed explanation followed by the source code and the details of the classes used in colored tabular format. Finally, the section provides the description in bulleted format. You will be able to view the content in this format throughout the book.

Murach’s Android Programming consists of three appendixes, which helps you to install the required software and samples for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

You can download sample chapter and source codes used in the book from the official website of the publisher.

Murach’s Android Programming is an excellent book for beginners and intermediate developers since they can quickly learn all aspects involved with Android programming.

Murach's Android Programming (2nd Edition) Book Cover Murach's Android Programming (2nd Edition)
Joel Murach
Murach Publishing
December 2015

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