Changing the appearance of a picture in Microsoft Expression Web 3

It is quite useful to be able to edit a picture and its appearance while working with your web pages. You can do this by using the ‘Pictures toolbar’ or through the Appearance tab on the Picture Properties dialog box.

The toolbar has various buttons that help you set the dimensions, crop, rotate, flip a picture.

It also has options to change the display of the picture by adjusting its brightness, contrast, transparency, grayscale and also add a beveled edge to it. And yes, you can always revert back all your changes since you last saved your webpage, by clicking on the ‘Restore’ button.

The Appearance tab on the other hand has options like wrapping style, layout options and size specifications. You can use both of them to customize the look of the pictures in your webpage.

NOTE: The Picture toolbar has plenty of options to modify a picture, modify its appearance and create hotspots, resample images and such other.

The Pictures toolbar will now be docked below other toolbars. All the buttons except the first one would grayed out. The first button is to ‘Insert Picture From File’ which will enable you to insert a picture onto your page. To activate rest of the toolbar, select the picture.

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