Child Healthy Means Happy Family

Children are vulnerable to diseases. This is because they don’t have resistance to fight diseases. In order to make your child healthy, parents should first keep the surroundings clean. The floor should be cleaned and washed daily with products like Lyzol. This will prevent mosquitos and insects from biting your kid.

Nowadays, readymade mops are available in super markets. You should purchase them for cleaning purpose. The mop should be changed every month.

You should seal all windows with mosquito nets. This will surely prevent mosquitoes from entering the house. If you lock the window then your house will not get adequate air from outside.

Hence, nets will not only prevent mosquito from entering your house but also brings fresh air. You should make sure to clean the nets once in a month with pure water to remove dusts.

The bed sheet and pillow cover used by your child should be cleaned once in a week. You should keep stock of 3 separate sets of sheets so that you can use them when the current sheet is being cleaned.

As a parent you should clean all dust inside the house especially on the ceilings and fans. If you are unable to clean fans, you should purchase fan cleaners with which you will be able to clean the fan blades by standing on the surface.

I don’t know if fan cleaner is available in India but I purchased it from Amazon through a relative in United States. I clean fans once in a month using fan cleaner and I find it very useful.

In order to make your child healthy, you should not keep small objects like gem clips, staplers on the table and surface. Kids love to put any object on the mouth and you should make all effort to keep them away.

Parents should provide food for their child at correct time. Otherwise, they will cry since they don’t know how to express it.

You should avoid junk foods for your kids. You should avoid jams which are available on the super markets since they will contain harmful preservatives. It is better to provide good homemade food like Idli, Dosa, Sambar and Chutney.

You should provide lemon rice, tamarind rice, noodles, rice flakes since they contain good amount of vitamins and minerals.

I would not recommend hotel food, cakes, and pizzas for small kids since they are vulnerable and will make your child to fall ill. Parents will not know about this and they come to know only when their kid cries on the morning. If your kid cries during morning time you should attend immediately since it is a sign for illness.

Products like oats are good for your child since they contain large amount of proteins. You should provide spinach curries every alternate day since they contain large amount of calcium.

If you prefer, you should consult a doctor for a protein supplement which when mixed with milk provides great energy and nutrition.

If you want to make your child healthy, parents should provide good balanced diet right from the childhood days. You should keep your surroundings clean as envisaged by Government of India in #cleanindia project.

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