Introducing Cognitier HomeWeb Service

Cognitier has recently released its HomeWeb Service, which allows users to send commands to their Windows-based computers over the internet, irrespective of firewalls.

Upon signing up for the v service, participants are assigned a personal web site from which they can send commands.  Client software is installed on each Windows machine, enabling the computer to listen for, and respond to commands.

The personal web site includes several features by default – such as a “File-Explorer-Like” view of the target computer’s hard-drive with features to retrieve, convert, and FTP files.  The client software includes an administrative studio with facilities for configuring the security levels and authoring new commands using Microsoft Jscript.NET.

The client software also includes an auditing application which displays requests received by the computer, along with the responses sent back.  The auditing tool allows the interactive user of the Windows computer to initiate chat sessions with the internet users who are sending commands.

Browsing your hard drive from a web browser over the internet

Monitoring incoming requests and chatting with visitors

Commands may be sent from the personal web site to any number of computers simultaneously.  Also, individual Windows computers may subscribe to any number of web sites to listen for commands.  The intended uses for the service include:

Supplementing cloud storage

If you need a small file, then log into your personal web site via HomeWeb service and pull it directly from your computer.  If you need a larger file, use the service to FTP it to your cloud storage account and get it from there.

Remote access and support

If you’re supporting a group of remote laptop users, for example, you can collect everyone’s log files at the same time, or query everyone’s local database at the same time, etc.  This overcomes the lack of visibility that usually accompanies supporting remote users.

Augmenting an eCommerce web site

Certain web site operations can be delegated to a private computer.  Use the chat feature to engage with visitors while they’re in the process of making a purchasing decision.

“The convergence of cloud services and remote machine access is inevitable,” says Cognitier’s Jennifer Castillo.  “We are bound to see more examples of this convergence with different areas of focus – ranging from eCommerce to asset management to systems administration.”

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