Interview with Alexander Horak on combit Report Server

combit Report Server has been released with which you can build and generate powerful, intuitive and out-of-box browser based reports. According to combit, it is the perfect business intelligence solution for all kinds of data.

combit report server provides support for all major browsers and devices including touch screen. It integrates with all major data sources listed below

MS Access
MS SQL Server

combit Report Server has been built in such a way that load will be distributed across any number of worker services as your business grows. Moreover, the report server provide support for Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and you can delegate tasks to business users.

combit Report Server

combit Report Server enterprise edition includes a feature with which developers will be able to automatically generate reports at predefined intervals and then distribute them via email, FTP or SharePoint.

Learnxpress had a chat with Alexander Horak, Head of Development, combit Report Server to gather more information about the recently released report server.

Learnxpress: Is combit Report Server a separate product?

Yes, it is completely separate. List & Label is directed to developers. The combit report Server is  directed to end-users. The combit Report Server enables Enterprise Reporting for all, not only for developers.

Learnxpress: Does List & Label is required to work with the report server?

No, List & Label is not required when you want to work with the combit Report Server. But the combit Report Server uses modules of List & Label, e.g. the Designer is based on the List & Label Designer. So List & Label users will be immediately familiar with the combit Report Server.

Learnxpress: What purpose does combit Report Server serve?

Sometimes you need to quickly create comprehensive reports from mixed data sources without spending a lot of time on development. combit Report Server is able to solve this challenge for you. The combit Report Server is a browser-based, intuitive and ready to use out-of-the-box Business Intelligence and Enterprise Reporting solution, directed to IT-professionals, business users and managers as well, in short, to all who want to create impressive reports in no time.

Learnxpress: Can I connect an ASP.NET web application with the report server?

There is no API at the moment, but you can always save a link on a report. You have to be logged in to use this link to create a report. Nevertheless, you can automatically distribute your reports and upload your Report PDF at the same time on an FTP Webserver.

Learnxpress: Does the report server will be integrated with the upcoming release of List & Label?

No. The release of List & Label is independent from the release of the combit Report Server. But the next version of the Report Server (expected next year) will use some new features of the upcoming version of List & Label 20 (expected in autumn).

combit, headquartered in Germany is the developer of List & Label, world class reporting solution aimed at enterprise customers.


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