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I had been using a desktop computer which I got assembled nearly five years back. It was working perfectly without any problems whatsoever and I still love it but recently I faced some difficulties to operate the computer since it has only 512 MB of RAM and 40 GB of hard drive space. Moreover, it doesn’t have a DVD drive. I don’t have any real use with CD drive as most of the disks which are available currently are in DVD format. Hence, I decided to use my HP NX6125 Laptop. I have not used it for long time due to the amount of heat it generates even during normal usage.

I was searching for a good notebook cooler to use along with the laptop. I had in fact purchased few coolers in the past but they don’t provide adequate cooling. I was disappointed with those coolers. Hence, I purchased and tested out Cooler Master NotePal Infinite manufactured by Cooler Master. Cooler Master is a well reputed company which manufactures cabinets, power supplies and other related computer accessories.






Cooler Master NotePal Infinite ships in a big box and consists of the cooler, instruction leaflet and USB cable. I did not face any difficulties to setup and get start with the product since I followed the instructions provided. The documentation was clear, concise and accurate. The product has built-in speed controls for the fan.

I have set it to High since I operate my laptop in a non-AC room. HP laptop generally gets hotter in the upper left side where the battery and side air window is located. I know and had observed the amount of heat the laptop generates without using the cooler. I thought there will not be any heat if I use the laptop with the cooler but my expectations were not true. The laptop still generates some amount of heat but I can say that it is far less and better than earlier.


Cooler Master NotePal Infinite contains meshes on the top portion and I assume that the cool air emitted from the fan is released through these tiny holes, which ultimately cools down the laptop. I noticed lot of heat when I touched the base of the keyboard especially around the middle of the keyboard base even though the fan speed is set to high. This may be due to the black shield which is located from the top center to the side middle of the cooler.

I am unable to type documents after around one hour of continuous operation if I use the laptop directly. It may be because of the way in which HP laptops are built. I can observe the high speed of the fan from the sound it produces and don’t have any major complaints about the performance of the fan.

I feel that if the shield is removed then the amount of heat generated from the laptop will be very much less. As of now, the shield completely blocks from the top to the middle portion of the laptop. I am unable to understand the purpose for which the shield is placed on the cooler. Moreover, the four rubber pads on the cooler also blocks some amount of air. I hope the vendor will consider these factors and improve the quality of the notebook coolers it manufactures.

Cooler Master NotePal Infinite is developed in an elegant and ergonomic fashion but as mentioned above some amount of heat still persists on the laptop even while the fan speed is set to high. I would suggest you to connect to an external monitor even though you use this high end notebook cooler. You will not feel the heat directly but you should note that the LCD monitors itself gets hotter when used for long time.

The vendor has designed the product in an elevated fashion which I hope will reduce neck stress and strain. It will also provide greater working comfort especially for those users who works with laptops for long hours.

The vendor (Cooler Master) provides excellent support through e-mail and I am totally impressed with their professionalism. They answered all my pre sales queries regarding the product within one day.

Cooler Master NotePal Infinite is worth the money you spent for it as the heat is reduced to a considerable extent but not completely. It would be great if the vendor establishes tie-ups with leading shops at various locations and arrange live demos so that buyers can directly visit the shop and experience the features of the product before purchasing it.

PROS: Sturdy, Stable and Strong

CONS: Heat not reduced completely, No adjustable legs on the bottom

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