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Microsoft, DevConnections Magazine, and Tech Conferences joinforces to bring the launch of Visual Studio 2010 and the latestinfo about Silverlight 4, plus a celebration of the upcomingrelease of Microsoft SQL Server code-name “Killimanjaro” to LasVegas.

Steve Smith will be giving three presentations about ASP.NET atthis event.

AWF304: Pragmatic ASP.NET Tips, Tricks, andTools

Every experienced ASP.NET developer has picked up a few cooltricks or useful tools that they put to use on every new projectafter they’ve learned them. This session draws upon the experienceof many successful ASP.NET developers and distills this knowledgeinto a collection of tips and tricks you can start using in yourwork today. Some of the topics covered in this session includeerror handling, tracing, caching, base page classes, site layoutand architecture, and data access best practices. You’ll learnabout highly reusable Http Modules and Handlers and a few coderoutines you may want to add to your personal library.

AMV305: Applying SOLID Principles to Your ASP.NETMVC 2 Application

Do your larger applications suffer from code rot to the pointwhere there are parts of the application that everyone is afraid totouch? Would you characterize your app’s architecture as “elegant”or is it a “big ball of mud?” In this session, learn how to applyvarious OOP best practices such as Robert Martin’s SOLID principlesto keep code simple and maintainable. The session introduces asimple ASP.NET MVC application which doesn’t follow best practicesand gradually refactors it as each principle is introduced,resulting in much cleaner, more maintainable code. No priorexperience with ASP.NET MVC is expected, and most of the principlesdiscussed apply equally well to non-MVC or even non-webapplications as well.

AMV306: What’s New in ASP.NET MVC 2?

In this session, Steve will quickly highlight the new featuresavailable in ASP.NET MVC 2. ASP.NET MVC offers a new way to developASP.NET applications that allows for finer control of theapplication’s behavior and greater separation of concerns withinthe architecture. ASP.NET MVC 2 builds on this platform by addingseveral new features, such as Areas, which can be used to breakapart a large site into several deployable subsections. Anothermuch-anticipated new feature centers on validation, and the newversion includes support for model validation providers which canbe used as-is or swapped out with a custom implementation, andclient side validation support using jQuery. The new release alsoincludes templated helpers and strongly typed UI helpers, which canmake it much quicker to create views for displaying and capturingdata.

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