DevExpress Takes Over Ajax Control Toolkit

DevExpress has acquired Ajax Control Toolkit, currently maintained by Microsoft ASP.NET product team. The Ajax Control Toolkit was hosted on codeplex since 2007. According to official sources, the toolkit has been downloaded millions of times.

DevExpress has agreed to update the Ajax control toolkit to ensure that they work with modern browsers with support for Windows 8.1 and upcoming Windows 10.

ASP.NET Ajax Control Toolkit

“Some of our web developers have done some code analysis and spikes, and we have some solid ideas on how to fix the library and bring it into 2014 for use in the latest Visual Studio and beyond.” said Mehul Harry, Web Program Manager, DevExpress.

DevExpress contacted Microsoft team and offered a proposal to take over the maintenance of the toolkit. Microsoft immediately agreed and asked them to move ahead without any second thought.

Mehul confirms that Ajax Control Toolkit will remain open source with the exception that it will be maintained by DevExpress.

Learnxpress is of the opinion that the toolkit will now be updated every month with possible integration with DevExpress controls.

With the help of Ajax Control Toolkit, you will be able to build highly responsive and interactive Ajax-enabled Web applications either manually or using Visual Studio. It contains more than 40 controls such as AutoComplete, CollapsiblePanel, ColorPicker, MaskedEdit, Calendar, Accordion, HTML Editor Extender and Watermark.

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