DiscountASP Adds SiteLock Web Site Security Support

DiscountASP, the popular Windows based web hosting provider has announced the availability of SiteLock Web Site Security Support. Every day our tech support department hears from customers whose sites have been compromised, due to a vulnerability on their actual site, or a local compromise that exposes their account login information.

Many times they aren’t sure where to turn to fix the problem and help ensure their future security. It can be a complicated issue, and until now, we haven’t had a good, comprehensive solution to suggest.

What is SiteLock Web Site Security?

SiteLock is a great tool that will help you keep the bad guys out of your business. It’s unlikely that you have time to do a thorough scan of the contents of your site every day, and there may be potential trouble spots that you wouldn’t recognize even if you did have the time to look for them.

The SiteLock Premium plan will scan up to 500 pages of your site every day – including an FTP scan – perform automatic malware removal and file change monitoring. When your site checks out you can display the SiteLock “seal.”

Introducing SiteLock Web Site Security – Protect Yourself

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