Dry Baby Happy Baby

My baby will be happy if I show her cartoons in Television. She is very adamant and will cry a lot if I switch off the channel. She knows that I have switched off the channel. Hence, I will make her happy by turning on the cartoon channel. My bay will laugh if she sees her favourite character – Dora. She will sing the title song and this will make both myself and my baby happy.

I purchased a small toy computer for her so that she can play with it. She will laugh as soon as the computer speaks characters and numbers. She will laugh loud by putting all her fingers inside her mouth.

In addition to cartoon, my baby also watches other programs in Television. She will continuously laugh whenever she sees something which attracts her. Her smile is too cute that I will also laugh.

My baby draws shapes and arrows using crayons. She becomes happy after some object is drawn. Finally, she will scribble the whole drawing book with various colours. I had purchased 10 drawing books. This is because, I will not shout at my baby even if she waste the whole drawing book. I will make sure that she is always happy.

My baby will sit along with me when I work with my smart phone. She used to tap on it with a smile. She will be happy and laughs very well when I play Temple Run. She raises her hand and cries. I will hand over the phone to her and see all areas on the screen with happiness.

Moreover, when my baby sees her own photo on the smart phone will smile. I also downloaded few games which will make kids happy. She is always happy when I play those games.

My baby used to place Television remote control in a place which cannot be located easily. She will laugh when I search for the remote. This means she is really enjoying my search.

I recently purchased a baby doll which automatically rotates when placed on the surface. My baby used to play with it and she will laugh when the doll rotates. She will take the doll and shakes after it stops rotating.

My baby makes use of dry diaper┬ásuch as Pampers Baby Dry Pants which promises dryness for your baby on the inside since last five months. A special feature of Pampers Baby Dry Pants is that its magic gel locks in moisture so that my baby’s skin remain always dry and healthy.

When she is using dry diaper, she is always happy. Prior to use of dry diaper, she used to sleep only for 4 hours. But after using Pampers Baby Dry Pants, she is now sleeping all over the night without any disturbances.

My baby also uses Pampers Baby Dry Pants during day time as well and she always smiles and plays well. I want to make sure that my baby is always happy.

I feel Cleanliness is very important for babies to prevent any infection. Hence, babies should make use of dry diapers such as Pampers Baby Dry Pants effectively which not only makes them happy but also prevent itching and other related diseases.

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