EmailVerify.NET v4.3 released with support for internationalized mailbox names

EmailVerify.NET v4.3 has been released with support for Internationalized mailbox names such as such as 中文測試@中文.tw or асиич@мировая-почта.ru!. The product already has support for internationalized domain names, which allows users to validate email addresses such as john@café.com or lee@?? The product is used to verify the existence of an email address in real time from an ASP.NET page.

In addition to the support for internationalized mailbox names, EmailVerify.NET now fully supports RFC 5336 and can validate non-ASCII email addresses both syntactically and at the mailbox level (using the UTF8SMTP extension to the SMTP protocol) like the usual ASCII email addresses.

This new feature inevitably brings a couple of (very small!) breaking changes in the VerificationResult class, where the AsciiEmailAddress and the AsciiEmailAddressLocalPart properties has been retired. The vendor has replaced them with EmailAddress and EmailAddressLocalPart respectively.

There is also a new status code, named ServerDoesNotSupportInternationalMailboxes, that is returned by the component whenever the target mail exchanger can’t accept internationalized mailbox names while you are validating one of them.

The vendor has also added a new property named SyntaxFailureIndex to the VerificationResult class, that returns the index of the first faulty character in the event of syntax validation failures.

You can view a live demo of EmailVerify.NET at and can also download a trial version from

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