Embarcadero and Radius Networks to Accelerate Development of Connected IoT Solutions

Embarcadero Technologies recently entered into a strategic partnership with Radius Networks to enable developers to quickly deliver proximity-enabled solutions using a single-source native app development platform.

With the help of the recent development, developers will be able to create connected apps for the Internet of Things (IoT) market via Embarcadero’s Appmethod software development platform. It will provide support for Radius Networks RadBeacon proximity beacons with iBeacon and AltBeacon technology.

Proximity Beacons

The partnership enable both companies to build a wide range of innovative solutions such as precision indoor navigation, automatic ticketing, guided museum tours, and location-relevant offers, promotions and payment options.

Embarcadero will soon incorporate support for RadBeacon proximity beacons into its Appmethod development platform which enable users to rapidly develop new and innovative proximity-enabled mobile solutions.

Marc Wallace, CEO and Co-Founder at Radius Networks

We love it when great teams build cool things using our proximity technologies. With our partnership with Embarcadero Technologies and Appmethod integration of the ProximityKit and our RadBeacon proximity beacon technologies, application developers will be able to create amazing new solutions that leverage the power of mobile proximity and beacons.

Michael Swindell, Senior Vice President of Products, Embarcadero Technologies

Proximity awareness is a key component in IoT connected solutions. Partnering with Radius Networks showcases how Appmethod continues to be the development platform of choice for developers building the next generation of solutions for IoT

Mark predicts a rapid growth in the number of companies leveraging proximity and Internet of Things within their applications. Moreover, applications will be able to create amazing new solutions that leverage the power of mobile proximity and beacons.


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