Basic Steps to Register a Domain Name

A Domain Name is an identity of your company, your name or may be some other activities on the Internet. Usually domain names consists of 2 parts. Host part and subdomain part. Host may be your identity.

As mentioned earlier it can be your name, your company name or anything that signifies your interest. Subdomain part consists of the type of identity. Suppose if you are running a company then it will be .com, for an educational institution it will be .edu.

How can I register a Domain Name?

Most of the domain names are registered via Before registering a domain name you should make sure that the name you’ve chosen is not taken by anybody else. Sites such as, provide various services such as domain name searching, providing whois information relating to a particular domain name etc.

Moreover if you live in United States you can register for a name online by giving your credit card number. For users living in other countries, many ISP’s, local companies provide registration facilities. They undertake all the process relating to registration after charging a fixed amount. Please note that the amount may vary for each companies.

How long my domain name will be active?

It depends upon the period for which you registered the domain name. Please read the registration form before filling up the details or request your hosting provider to clarify this matter.

What are Domain Name Servers?

Domain Name Servers also termed as DNS converts a domain name into numerical address called Internet Protocol. It is this number which is used by the Internet gateway to locate a particular site. Since it is very difficult to remember these numbers, we are following friendly domain name system.

How many days will it take for a domain name to become active?

Normally, it will take 2 to 3 business days for a new domain name to become active. All Internet Service Providers must update their DNS tables to reflect any new domains. This is called as Propagation.

What step I should do after registering a new domain?

You should obtain a Web space from any server. There are various plans like 10 MB, 20 MB. Normally, 10 MB is ideal for any average user.

I already registered a domain through a company. Now is it possible for me to purchase a Web space from other company or host.

Yes. After obtaining the user name and password from your host, contact your domain registrar with the Primary and Secondary Domain Name Server Names of your new host for a change in your DNS tables. Some registrar provide the facility for their users to change the DNS though online forms. In such a case login to your account by visiting your domain registrar site.


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