Fast Reports launched in Japan with AG-Tech Collaboration

Fast Reports Inc, one of the leading worldwide producers of reporting tools for .NET and Delphi developers today announced the launch of first fully localized Japanese version of their flagship FastReports.NET product. This has been made possible by one of Japan’s largest packaged software distributors AG-Tech Corporation, the exclusive distributor of Fast Reports Inc products in Japan. AG-Tech fully developed a localized version of FastReports in Japanese language.

According to Fast Reports CEO, Michael Philippenko, We are glad to be able work with such a highly professional team as AG-Tech. They have prepared for us a fully localized version of our flagship product FastReport.Net for the Japanese market.

It is important to say also that AG-Tech has the necessary rich experience we required of working in the Business Intelligence market in Japan. All the preparation of product, support, sales and marketing materials took about one year, so now we are fully confident in the high quality of tech support, documentation and product which will now be offering in their native language to Japanese software developers.

Yoshio Ando, CEO of AG-Tech Corporation clarifies that they have found FastReports.NET to be high quality, compact, reasonably priced and fast reporting tool to offer to the Japanese market. We have our own experienced team of local support and sales engineers who can offer technical assistance to Japancese version of the product. AG-Tech Corporation is also scheduled to launch a Japanese version of Fast Report’s VCL report generator product for Delphi.

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