I provide blog installation services for prospective upcoming bloggers.

As part of this program, I will install and configure blogs based on WordPress and DotNetBlogEngine (ASP.NET) Platforms.

I will also install required WordPress plugins for you so that you can start blogging just by logging into your WordPress administrator dashboard.

Package: Installation, Configuration and Plugin Installation. I will provide required tips to write a good blog post.

In fact, I can install any script other than WordPress and DotNetBlogEngine. You just need to provide me with the script name.

In order for me to create a free blog, you just need to purchase a hosting package from any one of my hosting partners given below

Note: Purchase PersonalClass ASP package if you need DotNetBlogEngine

Note: I will not be able to install paid scripts due to licence and privacy issues.

Please drop me an e-mail with a request at anandn26@gmail.com after purchasing a hosting package from any one of the above providers. I will install WordPress along with all the required plugins and a premium theme. I can also install any free script.

I will catch you on the other side.