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In this article, Anand provides answers to few frequently asked questions regarding browsers with special reference to tabbed browsing.

What is a browser?

A browser is a software used to access the Web pages via Internet. It parses HTML Codes, Java Scripts, XML and ASP pages etc and displays them. Microsoft Internet Explorer and FireFox are the two popular browsers used by many users all over the world.

How will I get a browser?

Microsoft Internet Explorer isMicrosoft Site viewed using Gogle Chrome available freely with Windows Operating System. As regards FireFox, it can be either downloaded over the net www.netscape.com or is available from many magazines CD’s. As of this writing, Microsoft has released a beta version of its popular Internet Explorer browser. Google has also entered into the browser market with the introduction of Google Chrome into the market.


What I have to do after opening a browser?

Type the address of the Web site you wish to navigate in the address bar and click Go or press Enter. 

How can I open multiple windows at a time, so that I can visit more than one site?

Press Ctrl + N or click File | New | Window menu.

NOTE: Nowadays, surfers are mainly using Tabs instead of a new window as tabs will reduce the desktop clutter.

Where will the WebPages that I visits get stored?

All visited WebPages will be stored in the Temporary Internet Folder. You can delete those by emptying the Temp folder under the Windows directory. Some Websites stores cookies also which can be deleted from cookies folder under the Windows directory. Don’t delete any other files or folders under the Windows directory.

How can I store my favorite Websites permanently using Internet Explorer?

Go to Favorites | Add to Favorites menu and enter the website address you want to store and click OK. You can then access the site by clicking the name of the site in the Favorites menu. Internet Explorer contains lot of channels and links which you can access using the Favorites menu.

Happy Surfing!!!

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