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This article provides answers to frequently asked questions regarding the usage of email.

What is E-mail?

E-mail stands for Electronic mail. It is similar to ordinary mail except in the fact that all mails are delivered electronically. Millions of users are using email daily for interacting with their clients, relatives, friends, colleagues. It is accurate and most economical in terms of cost. Moreover you can access email from anywhere in the world, no matter where you created your mail address.

What tools I require to access my e-mail account?

Basically you require a computer, a modem, Telephone Line and a Internet Connection from an Internet Service Provider (ISP). However you can access your e-mail from a nearby cyber cafe also.

What are the different types of email accounts?

Email accounts are of two types. They are Web based free emails and accounts from an ISP.

What are Web based free emails?

Many Websites provides you free email accounts. Popular of them are www.yahoo.com, www.rediff.com, www.lycos.com etc.

What about email accounts from an ISP?

With each Internet connection, your ISP gives you one or two email accounts. You can access your mails either by visiting their Website or you can configure via email clients like Microsoft Outlook Express, Eudora etc.

How can I access my emails by using Microsoft Outlook Express?

In order to access emails by using Outlook Express, you have to configure it by following the steps given below

  • (1) Open Outlook Express and select Tools | Accounts. 
    (2) Click on the Add button and select Mail.
    (3) Enter the required information by carefully reading the instructions in the Wizard.
    (4) You have to enter your POP3 and SMTP addresses. This is in the format of an IP address. Your ISP will provide with these addresses at the time of purchasing the connection.
    (5) Go through their manual or refer to ISP’s welcome email which you received at the time of registration. 
    (6) After completing all the steps press finish to end the wizard.
    (7) Your new mail account will appear on the Window.
  • Keep in mind that you can change the settings any time by selecting the account name and clicking on Properties button. When you login to your internet account again, open outlook express and press the send and receive button. It automatically downloads all your mails.

Is it possible to access my other email accounts through Outlook Express?

Yes. You can access your email account with hotmail through Outlook Express.

Please elaborate more about email addresses and Web addresses.
The email addresses are in the format of username@yourserver.com. For example, if you maintain an account with hotmail with user name cool_guy, then your email address will be cool_guy@hotmail.com.

There are different forms of Web addresses like .com, .net, .edu, .org etc. They will be in the following format http://www.yourhost.domainname. If you take a look at the address www.learnxpress.com, learnxpress is the host name and com stands for the domain name, which indicates commercial. Likewise .net stands for Networking, org stands for Organizations, edu for educational establishments like Universities, colleges, schools etc.

How can I store the email addresses of my friends?

If you are using Outlook Express, it provides you with a cool tool called Address Book. With this book you can store all the information pertaining to your contacts. Click the Address Book button on the Outlook Express to open the tool. The rest of the procedure will be self explanatory to you. Go ahead and enjoy.


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