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This article provides answers to frequently asked questions regarding the usage of Internet.

What is a Modem?

Modem (Short for Modulator – Demodulator) is a device which converts analog signals into digital signals. Telephone lines are capable of delivering only analog signals. Since the internet requires digital signals it is necessary to convert those analog signals into digital signals. 

What are the different types of Modem?

Modems are of two types. They are Internal and External. Internal modems are assembled inside the computer. External modems are separate and are connected to the Serial/USB port of the computer. Separate modems are available for establishing broadband connectivity.

Who is an Internet Service Provider?

Internet Service Provider or ISP is a company which provides us the Internet Connection. There are lot of service providers in every country. Each service provider provides us with different plans of connections. You should select a best plan as per your requirements.

What is broadband?

Broadband provides very fast internet connectivity through fiber optic cables laid mainly on the underground. They have the capacity to up to 2 MBPS. Nowadays, most of the houses have broadband connectivity, even in rural areas.

How can I obtain an Internet Connection?

Each ISP offers different procedure for purchasing their Internet Connections. You can purchase some connections right from your nearby supermarket. Some of the providers requests you to fill up an application form before purchasing their connection.

What I have to do after purchasing a Connection?

Almost all service providers provides you with a CD and a Manual along with each connection. Please read the manual and follow the instructions for setting up your connection first time. You should register with them by visiting their Website by using a temporary User ID and Password. Once you registered you can change your password any time by visiting their site.

Is it necessary to install any software after registering with the ISP?

Not required. Once you registered with an ISP, you can login by using the login name and password you selected. The ISP also gives you number of telephone numbers with which you can dial to their server, by using a dialer. These can be done by using the built in tool called Dial Up Networking, which comes with Windows Operating System. Nowadays all ISP’s gives their own dialer in the CD which comes with the Internet connection package.

How can I set up Dial Up Networking?  

Double click the Dial-Up Networking Icon by double clicking My Computer.
Double click the Make New Connection Icon.
Enter the required Information and click Next to proceed further.
Finally, click on the finish button.
The newly created Icon will appear now.
You can create a shortcut on the desktop, by right clicking the same. 
You can change the settings any time by right clicking the icon and selecting Properties. 
Double click the shortcut and enter your username, password and telephone number. Be sure to power on the Modem.

What are IP, POP3 and SMTP addresses?

IP stands for Internet Protocol address. Every Website on the Internet have a unique IP address. It is separated by four parts separated by periods. It is beyond the scope of this article to explain more about IP address.  POP3 stands for Post Office Protocol. It is a protocol through which you will receive your email from your server. SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. It is a protocol through which your ISP’s server sends your emails. Every email service provider maintains these servers. 

What are Protocols?

Protocols are the basic rules through which the Internet traffic takes place. The top level protocol which the Internet follows is TCP/IP which is the acronym for Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol.

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