Gaia Ajax 3.6 Alpha Released: GridView and Adaptiv Rendering

Reaching the first release of Gaia Ajax 3.6 is a great step for us. For those who have waited for it; we hope you will be rewarded with a great, new web development experience. We think 3.6 is not only an important step for us, but also for the future of web development itself. It is our vision to bring you the finest quality platform for developing ajax applications  on ASP.NET. The 3.6 version comes with practical innovation previously unavailable to ASP.NET developers. It’s going to brings back memories from the first time Microsoft unveiled ASP.NET and the "goosebumps" it brought.

Adaptive Rendering Adaptive Rendering is a mind-blowing concept that enables dynamic insertion, removal, moving and replacement of individual controls. Adaptive rendering will replace partial rendering. This concept represents a major breakthrough in making Gaia Ajax an even better choice for your web application development.

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Gaia Ajax GridView The Gaia Ajax GridView is a premier example of adaptive rendering as it enables the worlds most advanced GridView for ASP.NET. Some beat us on design, but nobody beats us on Ajax+GridView architecture.

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Please visit for more information and also to download the latest bit of the product.

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