Go Smart with Clicky

Once upon a time, Web Masters like myself used to check out the statistics link provided by the web hosting provider for analyzing visitors. But over the period of time, many companies have developed online tools for tracking visitors such as Clicky. 

Google Analytics is a popular tool which is widely used by many web masters as it is free of cost. It will not only help you to track visitors, geographical location but also helps you to monitor clicks from Google AdSense ads. The tool will exactly point out the article/post link from where the click has occurred.

Even though Google Analytics is a nice tool, I was on a lookout for a new tool for analyzing one of my new website and I came across Clicky. You have to go through a simple registration process and either paste the JavaScript code or enable the plug-in if you have a self hosted WordPress site. Developed by Roxr Software Ltd, I was able to track the visitors after an hour using Clicky and is available free of cost.

Powered by Ajax, the home page is very slick and modern. Clicky is very easy to keep track of the outbound links and the exact link which the visitors clicked on my website including the details of the browsers used with the correct version number as shown below


You will find a detailed chart of the comparison of Clicky with various other alternatives such as Google, Woopra, Chartbeat, Piwik, StatCounter and SiteMeter . From my point of view, using a mix of Google Analytics and Clicky will be a nice idea for your website to grow and prosper.

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