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God is a Gamer written by renowned award winning author, Ravi Subramanian takes you to the world of virtual money aka bitcoins in a story filled with romance, murder and looting. The book begins with a story which occurs in New York and travels to several cities in India and United States.

Ravi begins with a prologue of an incident which occurred in December 2009, New York between VISA and MasterCard CEOs. The next stuff talks about the activities of wikileaks and the subsequent action taken by US Government. It occurred in December 2010, nearly one year after Vijay and Joseph met each other. Ravi further mentions that despite the ban of WikiLeaks by MasterCard, VISA and PayPal, bitcoins will continue to stay. He also mentions a WikiLeaks tweet which prompts users to make anonymous bitcoin donations.

God is a Gamer

The next portion of the book examines the real stories behind the book. The first piece throws light upon a character named Gillian Tan. Gillian told his wife after kissing her cheek that he is supposed to meet President. Ravi then points out that Prime Minister is leaving to United States for a treatment, which no one is aware of. Ravi also points out the consequences if PM gets himself admitted in New Delhi.

The next incident occurs in Mumbai where a lady had to run when nearly 27000 INR was withdrawn from her account without her knowledge. Ravi further elaborates stories on phishing attack in Mumbai. In Pages 19 and 20, the author describes a hard core love encounter between Varun and Tanya. You have to read God is a Gamer to feel the goodness of the romance.

Gillian Tan has been assassinated and special agent Adrian has been appointed. Bitcoins transfer occurred in Page 26. Ravi goes ahead by introducing a special game called Mafia Don. Here, you will come across DDOS attack.

Disappearance of Varun shocks Tanya after the encounter between them. The remaining episodes occur in Mumbai, New York, Goa where you meet Nigerian ambassador.

Varun reappears on the scene and become friend with Malvika. No one is USA had any clue as to what caused the death of Gillian Tan. Actually, Malvika’s home is located in Malabar Hill and one Keralite touch news anchor appears on the scene.

Varun is always seen along with Aditya. I think there is something in between them. Varun establishes friendship with Facebook delegation. Ravi points out the revenues earned by FaceBook and I am unable to understand the logic behind the disclosure of the revenues.

Varun’s friendship with Sundeep turns bitter after a PowerPoint fiasco. Tanya later organized a party for Malvika which she is unaware of. Here, something happens to Malvika and she was rushed to a nearby hospital. I am not revealing the cause of death since I would like to keep the suspense intact.

The book reminds me of Malayalam Star Prithviraj romantic thriller film Robinhood. In the film, he takes revenge against his enemy by looting ATM using fake cards and by taking control of a bank’s confidential customer information.

Ravi in his book, God is a Gamer points out how to crack ATM. I am not sure if he has given correct information.

Malvika is no more. Unbelievable isn’t it? Was she committed suicide or murdered? It’s a great suspense indeed.

Ravi attempts to elaborate the remaining story in a detailed manner and it consists of all elements –Romance, Crime and Looting. A series of events happens in Washington DC.

Varun and Tanya mingle with each other again. In Page 196, role of CBI comes into play.

Ravi describes a bad laptop experience in Page 197 followed by a narration of a tragedy which occurred to Swami. A claim of several thousand dollars was imposed upon Aditya and his services terminated.

In Page 208, Varun thinks about Malvika again although she died. However, he once again had a great encounter with Tanya. Believe me. You should read God is a Gamer to feel it.

Apple announced an unexpected update to its operating system in Cupertino, thereby throwing its developers by surprise.

The remaining portion of God is a Gamer deals with many interesting twists and turns. If you would like to know who killed Malvika and Gillian Tan, you should certainly read the final pages of the book.

From my point of view, God is a Gamer is a great fictional entertainer for all buddies who love books.

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Book Review - God is a Gamer Book Cover Book Review - God is a Gamer
Ravi Subramanian
Penguin India
September 12, 2014

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