Google Play Store Loaded with 40 ebooks Made Available for Free

As many as 40 popular ebooks have been removed from the Google’s Android Book Store – Play Books in response to a complaint filed by HarperCollins India about a possible revenue leak if these ebooks are provided free of cost. According to official sources, these books are actually paid but they appeared on the Play store as free most probably as a mistake from Google.

“Unlike apps on Google Play there are no download stats available for ebooks, therefore it is difficult to correctly gauge an approximate figure of dowloads happening because of the inadvertent freebie and what losses Google and/or the publishers had to incur as a result,” as per reports coming in.

Many users have already downloaded these books in a rush but they can still access theme on their mobile devices – be it Android Phone or Tablet.

“Now as things have turned out, it appears that it was because of an error on part of Google in making the books, that were being sold at regular prices at other ebook sellers, for free,” reports

Learnxpress captured the list of few ebooks (mentioned below) that were temporarily available for free download on Google Play

  • Amul’s India
  • Arzee The Dwarf, Chandrahas Choudhary
  • Best Indian Short Stories – Vol. I, Khushwant Singh
  • Best Indian Short Stories – Vol. II, Khushwant Singh
  • Black Ice, Mahmudul Haque
  • Bobby: The Complete Story, KA Abbas
  • Calcutta Exile, Bunny Suraiya
  • Chinese Whiskers, Pallavi Aiyar
  • Controversially Yours, Shoaib Akhtar
  • Deewar, Vinay Lal
  • Delhi Noir, Hirsh Sawhney
  • Gods and Godmen of India, Khushwant Singh
  • Headley And I, S Hussain Zaidi
  • I, Steve – Steve Jobs In His Own Words, Steve Jobs
  • India – A Traveller’s Literary Companion, Chandrahas Choudhury
  • India An Introduction, Khushwant Singh
  • Jaane Bhee Do Yaaro, Jai Arjun Singh
  • Keep The Change, Nirupama Subramaniam

Learnxpress feels that users who actively monitor for free ebooks on Play store benefited from the above error from the part of Google.

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