Happiness Matters

One day, my father purchased and gave me a small space saving drawer set. I immediately became happy because I will be able to keep my mobile phones, music player and pen drives. It also protects the valuable items from dust.

I have Canon printer. I searched various online stores to purchase new cartridges compatible with the printer. However, the original cartridges will cost Rs 2500. I was not prepared to shell out huge amount since I can purchase a new printer if I invest 3000 extra.

After few days, I came to know that another popular ecommerce portal is selling compatible ink cartridges which will cost only Rs 1000. I verified the reviews and became happy. This is because those who purchased the cartridges have posted positive reviews. I purchased it immediately. The cartridges are working well like the original.

I will become happy whenever I purchase items at discounted prices from not only online portals but also offline retail stores.

I recently lost my mobile and got a new replacement Micro SIM card. I was unable to insert the card to my new phone since it has slot for Mini SIM card. However, I had recently purchased two sets of Micro to Mini SIM adapter. I took it from the drawer and was able to work with the new phone. I was happy since I was able to use the phone without spending money for another phone with Micros SIM card.

I recently cleaned the shelf located in my drawing room. I managed to retrieve an old photo album which has photos of my grandparents in addition to that of my native place. I recently plugged in my old portable hard drive and I saw several old videos of my brother’s daughter. The videos were captured when she was 3 years old. I will become happy whenever I recover old memories in the form of photos and videos.

I also recovered an old diary which I wrote in 1985. The diary consists of several facts including the moment when my brother passed 10’th standard. I was very happy when I saw the diary inside a plastic cover. I preserved it after cleaning. I was able to recover several CDs and DVDs which I got when I was a Microsoft MVP. I was happy that I recovered them without any damage since those drives were really precious.

We can easily dispose old stuffs easily but it is very difficult to get them back. Hence, I will be happy whenever I recover any old material from the shelves.

I used to subscribe to Competition Success Review when I was doing my graduation. At that time, I had purchased few books published by them. I recovered them few days back. It made me happy since I was able to recollect old memories.

I will be happy after watching DemoCrazy show on Reporter TV. The program mixes the real political incidents with that of popular film dialogues and songs.

I will laugh whenever I watch Tamil comedy scenes involving Goundamani and Senthil. Happiness will automatically appear on the face even if you are down with something. I will be happy whenever I achieve milestones after hard work.

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