Building a healthy heart and lifestyle – Part 1

Heart is one of the most crucial parts of our human body. Without a healthy heart, you will not be able to lead a healthy life. You should not ignore a single pain around your heart. You should also constantly monitor your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Otherwise, if these parameters increase, then it will directly affect your heart. You should maintain a level which is within the range recommended by your healthcare provider.

To have a healthy working heart, you should take special care in everyday life. Even if you are busy with work or office responsibilities, you should spend few minutes to perform various activities.


Nowadays, we are working before computers. If you site for a long time without any movement it will lead to leg inflammation, which will affect your heart. Hence, you should walk for 2 minutes once in every 15 minutes after sitting before your PC or laptop. If you are in office, you can walk around your cabin. If you are in your house, you need to walk inside your house. If you get back to work after 2 minutes of walking you will feel fresh and sound to work again. Your body will get the required blood circulation.


Some people will advise you to run every morning for a specific period of time. However, running is meant for healthy people. If you are lean and have a periodic bout of blood pressure and heart related problems, you should avoid running. This is because you will most likely fall on the road, which will lead to injuries. However, you can run if you don’t have any prior heart related problems. It will release tremendous amount of energy.


I would suggest you to perform exercises as suggested by your physician every morning. This includes stretching your hands, legs and other muscles including yoga. You have to consult your physician if you don’t know the kind of exercises you need to do. It is imperative to dedicate few minutes daily for exercises.



To relax your mind after work, you should read books and newspapers during night time. This will refresh your mind. You should read a book which is suitable for you. If you are not a big fan of fiction books, you can refer to General knowledge books.

Listening to old music songs

It is widely said that music cures illness. Hence, you should listen to plenty of old melodious music tracks or classical music before going to sleep. This will energize your mind to a large extent. You should avoid using earphones all the time. This will cause problems to your ears in the long run. You can use Bluetooth or normal speakers.

You have to perform wide range of activities to keep yourself fit and energetic. Even if you are under treatment for heart ailment, you need to do some kind of activities.

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