Hilo Sample Application Adds Visual Studio 2013 Support

Microsoft recently updated Hilo to work with Visual Studio 2013. Hilo is a series of articles and sample applications that demonstrate the power of Windows 7, Visual Studio 2010 and Visual C++. With the help of Hilo, you can build high performance and rich responsive client applications.

Hilo offers source code and guidance which enables you to design and develop compelling, touch-enabled Windows applications of your own.

Hilo Sample Application

With the help of sample apps you will be able to browse, annotate and share photographs and images. While Hilo browser facilitates you to browse and select images using a touch-enabled user interface, Annotator provides an ability to crop, rotate and draw on the photographs you have selected.

The annotator makes use of Windows Ribbon Control to provide easy access to the various annotation functions. Microsoft has also added support for sharing photos via Flickr.

Hilo Annotator

“We’ve made a couple spot fixes to the popular Hilo C++ sample, and converted it to a Visual Studio 2013 project,” said Doug Erickson, Program Manager, Visual Studio content and samples team.

In order to compile and run the Hilo Browser applications, you need to install Visual Studio 2010 and Visual C++. After installation, you need to unzip the Hilo Browser source code and double click on the Hilo.sln solution file.

You then need to select Rebuild All from the Build menu to compile the Hilo Browser application. Alternatively, you can press F5 to run the application in debug mode.


Along with the recent addition of Visual Studio 2013 support to Hilo, Microsoft also brought all articles under the Hilo series under a single umbrella. They have collected all the articles and published them as a single PDF file.

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