How do I adjust screen resolution in Windows 7?

Resolution of your screen plays a vital role in your day to day computing activities. If the resolution of your screen is high then font size will be smaller. But there will be more work area. Sometimes, you will find it difficult to work if the resolution is higher, especially if you have a big monitor.

Follow the steps mentioned below to adjust the resolution of your screen

(1) Right click on the desktop and select Personalize

(2) Select the option named Display located on the bottom left hand side

(3) Select Adjust resolution option from the navigation panel on the left side

(4) You will view a screen with the caption Change the appearance of your display

(5) Select your desired resolution from the Resolution drop down box


Windows 7 Screen Resolution

Windows 7 Screen Resolution

The size of the text works in parallel with the resolution. You can enjoy the high resolution by changing the text size to Medium which is 125%. By default, the text size is set to 100%, which will be very small in higher resolutions.

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